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Giovanni Rivas

Giovanni Rivas

Giovanni Rivas, born in Puerto Rico, starting as a child always has been fascinated by fashion, style, textures, make up and hair. That’s how he advanced from realizing his talent to living his passion with dedication today.

While living in New York as fashion designer, Giovanni gained inspiration and sound experience in exploring new directions. Inspired by Bobbi Brown and Kevin Aucoin, Giovanni more and more advanced into make up and hair. Bobbi Brown thereon appointed him to member of the team in New York and Miami. Here he also started his international career working for celebrities and famous top models presenting beauty, fashion magazines, catwalk shows and presentations.

Always anxious to enhancing his special experience, Giovanni moved to Miami where he was engaged by Christian Dior Cosmetics as national makeup artist. Over the years Giovanni elaborated his today’s guiding principles in colors, simplicity and extravagance.

After moving to Europe, Giovanni is since 1999 with Close Up Agency as makeup artist and hair stylist. Now he is based in Hamburg, Germany.

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