Armin Vogl has been in the business for more than 25 years. Originally from Bavaria, he relocated to Hamburg in 1995
and has been a member of „close-up“ ever since.
Armin is based in Hamburg and travels internationally.
He learned his craft from scratch starting out as a professional hairstylist and furthering his education by assisting various make-up pro’ s and beauticians over the years. These days he divides his skills equally by doing hair as well as make-up. 
His combination of skill, experience, enthusiasm, good taste and having an affable and openminded personality has made him an accomplished and creative artist in all aspects of fashion and beauty photography, editorial, advertising, music videos and commercials, special events. Armin present his knowledge and experience in coordinating hair & make up teams on site.
Since 1995 Armin is represented by close up agency.