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Jodi Gardner

Jodi Gardner

London native Jodi Gardner is a sustainable & eco conscious makeup artist for beauty, advertising, celebrity, fashion, and films. Jodi was born in London, but grew up in Hollywood, California. She spent eight years in Sydney,  Australia. She now resides in Berlin, which is the place she has called home since she arrived in 2013. She began her career in the beauty & fashion world as a model. She modelled across the United States and Europe for brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Georgio Armani. She balanced her time in front of the camera with her spare time being spent riding horses, and creative mediums of art, painting, & photography. When she moved to Sydney for modelling in 2005, her secret ambition was to pursue the makeup world.  Rapidly she began to spent less time assisting, and more time building her own portfolio and clients. Soon after, she had built a solid portfolio of magazine and fashion brand work. She joined her first agency in Sydney after a year of being out on her own. She is now based in Berlin Germany, but travels frequently between the USA & Europe, always opening herself up to cultures and lifestyles that might influence her work.    
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