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Wiebke Reich

Wiebke Reich

Wiebke is a Hair and Make up Artist with a global reach. With an interest in the arts she has been involved professionally in the service industry for over 10 years and understands deeply the importance of exceptional customer service. As a graduate hairdresser she has always been driven to acquire an ongoing suite of skills harness her creativity to an ever greater degree. Wiebke's subtle yet precise execution of a concept makes her an invaluable addition to a team. More than this, Wiebke is dynamic in her thinking and style, identifying and magnifying the core beauty in people. Her studies have included : 
2003 graduate as hairdresser
2006 graduate the A Level 
2009 graduate as an Assistant of Fashion and Design “
2010 graduate as an Hair and Make up Artist 
at „Maggie b.  and friends“ in Berlin
12/2010 internship Studio Babelsberg 
(Yvonne Joseph; ArtDepartment/ wig &make-up studio)
2016 graduate as a wigmaker (Wigacademy England) additional skills:
*wigmaking// acient wigdressing// weaves
* SFX make up effects   
(Anna von Gwinner; SkinArt 3D Make Up Art School )
* open moulds (Dennis Penkov; Skin Art Make Up  School) 
* HDTV Airbrush  
                       (Skin Art Make up school Bernhard Klingelmayr) *Drapecourse and Dummibuilding  with Tamotso Kondo Since June of 2022 Wiebke is represented by Close Up Agency.
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